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Most projects I’ve been a part of were tiny. For Twilight, we had four years to fucking obsess - I mean solely and completely obsess - over this one project and be so indulgent. The odd thing is that the reason you start a project is to finish it: You want that story told. But to have that tension last for four years is remarkable. So the relief that comes with it is even more palpable. Twilight is something I hold so close, I can’t even tell you. Four years.. that’s like high school, you know?

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Rob went to support at the Stand Up to Cancer event tonight (x)

To donate call 888-90-STAND or go to

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Rob at Stand Up 2 Cancer 

Rob at Stand Up 2 Cancer 

hahahaha I never noticed this

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robert pattinson | ‘harry potter & the goblet of fire’ press junket [2005] & ‘cosmopolis’ press junket [2012]

damn. he’s all man now.

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I remember when I was younger I used to write in my diary: I want my luck to be spread. “Never give me anything too lucky all at once. I’ll take a little luck now and then, but spread it for seventy years.” Now that all of this is happening, I’m sure the rest of my life will be ruined.
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BD Part 2 Movie Tie-in Covers

LOVE these

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I admit it. I was mad when all hell broke loose.

But now? Not so much.

Yeah, she made a mistake but she did something that a lot of people don’t do in that situation, she came clean.

She came clean to Rob, to her family, her friends and to us, the fans. She could have denied it but she…

My thoughts exactly…